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Naturally Regulate Blood Pressure

In our world, it is not uncommon to hear someone complain of their high blood pressure and the new medication they started to help control it. There are many ways to lower blood pressure naturally, although our busy, stressful lives don’t always leave us with time to dive in to the natural realm.

Making recommendations to help ease stress, eat better, sleep better and get adjusted are always the starting point for keeping a healthy blood pressure. But there are also herbs that have been being used for thousands of years to help maintain healthy levels, and they taste good too!

Here are a few natural things you can do now to maintain a healthy blood pressure and skip the side effects of medications:

1. Get adjusted! Yes, I’m talking about chiropractic care. We have a blood pressure control panel located in our brainstem, which sits at the top of the spinal cord. If there is a misalignment in this area, it could be affecting your body’s natural ability to regulate your blood pressure. It actually can be as simple as that. We often times monitor blood pressure before, during, and after an adjustment to watch the change take place in real time!

2. Meditate. Meditation can happen anywhere anytime. You don’t have to sit in the corner cross-legged in silence chanting ohms to yourself. You can take a quick 5 minutes at your desk with your feet flat on the floor, maybe a little soothing music in the background and close your eyes and just be present in the moment with your breath. Imagine your blood pressure lowering and become relaxed. Practice this every day and eventually you’ll want to go sit in the corner and meditate for hours!

3. Add herbal tea to your daily routine. Hawthorn berries are also known as the “heart herb” due to the support they provide to the circulatory system. They strengthen the heart and reduce strain from dilating blood vessels allowing for better circulation and oxygenation of the tissues. They are safe and effective for all ages and can be used in tea, tinctures or capsule form. You can find hawthorn berries along with many other herbs that help regulate blood pressure in our Healthy Blood Pressure Herbal Tea Blend.

4. Make time for better sleep. Getting proper sleep every night will help your regulate your cortisol levels and give your body the time it needs to repair from every day stressors. This simple change alone will have big effects not only on blood pressure but also on your digestive, adrenal and nervous system health as well.

What else do you do to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress? Practicing yoga, daily meditation, and walking outside in the fresh air are part of my routine as well.