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Ease Painful Periods Naturally

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to help regulate hormones and ease discomfort associated with natural fluctuations. Herbs can be prepared in a number of ways including tinctures, teas and capsules to help soothe the body during the time of menstruation.

1. Red Raspberry Leaf- Commonly thought of as the pregnancy herb, red raspberry leaf is actually great for supporting healthy hormone levels for the entire female reproductive system. This nutrient packed leaf contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamins C, E, A and B complex. It is known to tone the uterus and to help eliminate cramps during the menstrual cycle. Rich in calcium, taking this herb before menstruation can help fight off symptoms of PMS such as cramping, irritability and depression all of which are associated with low calcium levels.

2. Marjoram leaf- Although this herb isn’t regularly used to help regulate hormones, it is a great pain reliever. Along with the antibacterial properties found in the herb, it also helps ease colic, sour stomachs and pains associated with menstrual cramps.

3. Wild Yam Root- Widely used during menopause, wild yam root is known to balance female hormones. It is often compared to pharmaceutical steroids, as it is antispasmotic and antirheumatic. Wild yam root provides great building blocks for hormone glands and relieves sweating, muscle cramps and reduces inflammation.

4. Crampbark- The name says it all…no more cramps! Cramp bark is naturally anti-spasmotic and anti-inflammatory and causes mild sedative and muscle relaxation which is very helpful during menstruation. It can be found often as a tincture, or added to herbal teas.

5. Oatstraw- A great source of calcium and magnesium, oatstraw is great for supporting a healthy nervous system. Tea made with oatstraw is said to balance the menstrual cycle and help relieve hysteria associated with periods. High levels of magnesium help our bodies absorb calcium, which we already discussed is often the culprit for many PMS symptoms.

With all these options available to us, we no longer need to suffer through that time of the month. Nature has provided everything we need to ease our hormone imbalances and allow us to have comfortable periods. To make it even easier for your, our Women’s Monthly Support Herbal Tea blend has all of the discussed herbs ready to go to support your healthy reproductive cycle. Take control of your PMS and end the painful cycles.